Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Peepods :: An Eco-Friendly, Healthy Approach to Periods {Review}

When Buddy was a baby, I used cloth diapers most of the time. It was not only an economical choice for our budget, but also healthier for his skin and good for the environment to use reusable cloth diapers. It was only a matter of time before I would discover the benefits of cloth menstrual pads for that time of the month too.
I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

At Peepods you'll find beautiful reusable cloth pads that are designed for use with mild incontinence, periods or for postpartum. On her way towards a more chemical-free lifestyle, the owner started Peepods wanted to put functionality and beauty into her product. I definitely think she's succeeded!

One of my favorite parts about Peepods is their mission to bring dignity to all women, everywhere. They match each sale, pod for pod, sending those pods to women in Ethiopia who truly need it.

"In an effort to live out our promise to help women everywhere dress with dignity, Peepods offers a pod for pod promise. For every set of pods we sell we will donate a set to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital. This Hospital is a place where women suffering from obstetric fistulas are finding dignity with a surgery to repair a life altering condition. We encourage you to learn more about this great organization and watch the video “A Walk to Beautiful.” You will quickly discover why Peepods is committed to helping these women on their walk to hope and healing."

I'm telling you, this is a video you need to watch. It's heartbreaking, but also so inspiring when these women are given a new chance at life. Since Peepods are great for incontinence issues, it's great to see them partner with such a wonderful organization.

 I received the Deluxe Set of 7 Period Pads to try for myself. This set includes two night pads, two day pads, and three panty liners, along with a Planet Wise wet/travel bag that is shown farther down in this review. Straight out of the gates, I can't help but notice how gorgeous these are! Really, periods can be miserable, so pretty pads are a nice pick-me-up.

Peepods makes pads in three sizes, and they come in sage green, cream, cranberry or espresso with coordinating cotton prints for the wings. Here's a size comparison of a night pad, day pad, and panty liner. The differences between the three are the total length, width in the middle, and the number of organic hemp fleece inner layers. The panty liner has one layer of hemp, the day pad has two, and the night pad has three. I noticed that these extra layers on the day and night pads are really just in the very middle area of the pads, so you won't have extra bulk on the ends. The top brown layer is soft flannel, and the backing is PUL, which is what you find on modern cloth diapers.

On the back of each pad, a cotton wing is sewn on. The snap secures the pad to your underwear, and also serves as away to fold up each pad, whether clean or used. 

The quality of each pad is consistently very good, and well-made. There has to be a lot of attention to the little details of cloth pads since a lot of stitching is curved, and I'm happy to report that it looks like they're sewn by a talented seamstress. On the left you can see brown PUL that backs the pads, creating a leak-resistant pad but with no crinkly sound! It's a soft and pliable material that will make wearing Peepods very discreet.

The wet/dry travel bag by Planet Wise is a perfect fit for 3 liners and 2 mediums pads. It has two zippered sections, and is lined with PUL on the inside to prevent leakage in case you're transporting a mess. Heck, you never know!

Peepods have an incredible fit. The contoured shape contributes to a closer, more shape-hugging fit that makes them comfortable to wear, and seem virtually non-existent while wearing. I think part of the reason I stepped away from disposables was the awkward, uncomfortable fit I'd get from every brand and style I've ever tried! All three sizes are relatively thin, which is nice for someone like me with light periods anyway. I'm sure these pads could absorb a whole lot more despite how thin they are because of the absorbent hemp fleece layer. I also like that Peepods are easy to care for, and can be simply washed and dried with the rest of my laundry.

Although I have a couple cloth pads that I use on the first two heaviest nights during my period, this set from Peepods is my first real attempt at giving cloth pads a try throughout the day. Truth be told, I'm an (organic) tampon girl. BUT, I know that there are health benefits of allowing your body to naturally flow, without putting something in your body. Cloth is much healthier for us than the chemical-laden disposables, and tampons. After giving Peepods a fair try with my last cycle, I'm definitely a bit more fond of cloth pads than I was before. I don't know if I'm ready to go with cloth full-time on my future periods, but I like the option of giving my body a break from tampons throughout my cycle.

Using cloth pads is an eco-friendly approach to periods that's also cost-effective and easy. With many great features, Peepods are a great cloth pad brand to start with whether you'd like to go greener with your period, or are just curious about cloth. Please check them out and consider the women in Ethiopia you can help with your purchase too!

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Abigail McShinsky said...

I've tried many brands, but my favorite is Charlie Banana!

Olivia R said...

I love that they match one foe one. However I don't understand using cloth products. Are you supposed to carry a soiled liner all day at work? And if you flow heavy, carry 2-3 in a bag?
I don't comprehend if the usefulness is for carbon footprint reduction, chemical free living or both?

I do think they are very nice looking though :)

Ashley R said...

Hi Olivia!

Using a wet/dry bag like the one here from Planet Wise allows you to safely transport soiled pads home. Since the pads absorb incredibly well, they won't be dripping or anything, and they can be folded and snapped close before even putting them in the bag. Yes, you can carry 2-3 in the bag, easily.

Cloth pads are great for the environment, but also for chemical free living as you mentioned. I've read testimonials around the web from women who switched from disposable to cloth pads and saw a huge reduction in PMS symptoms and other symptoms from reproductive conditions, presumably due to no longer having a toxic pad pressed against the skin practically non-stop for days!

If you're curious but not ready to totally switch to cloth, it's simple enough to buy a few cloth pads and try them out at home, especially for nighttime use. I hope you'll try it!

Jean Brinkley said...

Thank you for the review. I have seen these but never knew what they were, to be honest. I think I might prefer the Moon Cup/Diva Cup approach.

Ashley Pedersen said...

this is interesting i really have never thought about using a cloth pad but this makes me wonder about how they would work for me since i find regular pads so uncomfortable as well as tampons so my cycle is pretty much miserable

Jena said...

I've got some cloth pads (which we call mama cloth), mostly in anticipation of the any-day-now arrival of our second baby. (After I had our first, the disposable pads were almost unbearable.) But for my regular periods, I totally prefer a menstrual cup, which is more similar to using a tampon than going back to any kind of pad. (Honestly, though, there are still some days when I just don't want to deal with the cup, and then it's nice to have pads on hand.)

Brittney Minor said...

This peepod set looks amazing! I need to upgrade my stash!

Jennifer Young said...

I've never tried anything like this before, I would be very interested in seeing if I liked it. Thanks for the review!

Steph M said...

wow never knew they existed :O

Janette Polivka said...

I never knew about these, and this may very well be what I need!!! Glad I found this. Also love that it gives back. Thank you.