Friday, October 11, 2013

Leave Your Luggage At Home :: Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure

I received tickets for our local show for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.
On Wednesday evening I attended Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure with my family. Before I share my thoughts of this spectacular Disney On Ice production, let me remind you that this show will be in Sacramento through this Sunday, October 13th! Please check show times HERE.

Disney On Ice presents Passport to Adventure is a magical show for children and grown-ups alike. It was fast-paced with a very organized flow that seems to capture the audience with ease. With an incredibly talented, international team of award-winning figure skaters, the choreography was skillful and energetic throughout the show. Featuring The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Lilo & Stitch, it is a wonderful mix of Disney classics, all on ice (and a stage set above the ice on one end) and set to well-known Disney music. Sadly, none of my dozens of photos turned out without major blurriness, so thank you to Feld Entertainment for these beautiful photos to include in my review.
The scene is set when Minnie and Mickey, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy emerge to take the audience on a tour of the four Disney classics. They reappear between each new movie segment and at the end for the finale too.
First up was The Lion King! Young Simba and Nala appear with Rafiki, and then suddenly Simba runs into Timon and Pumba. The costumes are SO fantastic throughout the show. Everyone seated around us was wondering if Pumba had just one skater, or two inside that costume! Grown up Simba and Nala are reunited and then it was on to the next part of the show. I feel like The Lion King segment was a bit too short and lacking extra props, in my opinion. I wish they would have elaborated on the story and included more characters like Mufasa and Scar. Nonetheless, I think that perhaps the idea was to build up excitement for the increasing length and intensity of each segment thereafter (which it certainly did!).

 The Little Mermaid featured Ariel, lots of sea creature friends, Ariel's sisters, and of course, Sebastian and Flounder. This segment was full of many whimsical costumes and entertaining musical numbers that filled the entire arena. Ursula had this elaborate octopus costume that flowed across the ice. After Ariel's voice was taken, Ursula grew to an enormous size as a gigantic blown-up figure! Eric threw a spear into her and she shriveled down in size and disappeared backstage. I loved watching the figure skating and various lifts and jumps made by Ariel and Eric. It was beautiful!

Lilo & Stitch was very fun to watch, especially with the use of the stage on one side above of the arena where the aliens were before going to Earth to find Stitch. Those costumes (once again) were great! They had so much detail and likeness to the characters in the movie and were definitely given a lot of thought by the costume designer. Lilo and big sister Nani looked exactly like the movie, so I felt like I had watched the entire movie by the end! Stitch was hilarious, and certainly gave the kids in the audience lots of giggles.

After a twenty minute intermission, it was time for the greatly anticipated Peter Pan segment. The Darling family looked exactly as I remembered them from the movie, and they even "fly" across the arena as they are suspended in the air! Tinker Bell and Peter Pan also flew across the arena and it really gave the show a "wow!" factor. I loved the scene where Peter Pan was attempting to "catch" his shadow, which was another skater dressed in all black as he was mirroring the movements of Peter Pan.  

Captain Hook is always on the look out for the infamous crocodile who goes tick-tock. After the elaborate and magnificent ship is on the arena and Peter Pan saves Wendy, the crocodile comes out as a huge blown-up figure (like Ursula)! Peter Pan pushes Captain Hook into his mouth, and Never Land is free of him forever. Peter Pan was certainly the most detailed movie segment of the four, and it was truly exciting and packed with action throughout.

This show is wonderful for Disney-loving families. Who doesn't just LOVE these classic Disney tales?! While I will admit that girls will probably enjoy this show a bit more than boys, the Peter Pan segment was the longest and most intriguing for all of us. The magic of Disney was certainly present in the constant energy and beautiful sets, themes and costumes throughout the show. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and can't wait for the Disney On Ice presents Dare To Dream production coming to Sacramento in February! It will be one full of Disney princesses on ice!


Melissa Tiffany said...

This looks like so much fun! I know my girls would love to see Disney on Ice but they don't ever come close to my little town!

Jessica B. said...

My family loves Disney. I'm going to check to see if they are coming to our area. Thanks for sharing!

jill24295 said...

I remember going to the Ice Capades as a kid and having the time of my life. Disney does everything first class, so I can only imagine how fun this is!

Steve Cecil said...

I took my daughter years ago to Disney on Ice, and this post brings back fond memories for sure.