Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Words of Wisdom From My Grandmother #MomsWisdom

As mothers I think we beat ourselves up when we don't accomplish everything we want to each day. We're supposed to be these amazing, multi-tasking machines with a perfectly clean house, dinner on the table at exactly 6 o'clock and never raise our voice in the process, right? Sometimes I need to step back and realize how unrealistic that really is though. For me, I'm not as crafty as my mother and instead I'm a perfectionist so I give up on new projects easily if they don't look perfect. I can get anxious when I try new things and get easily overwhelmed. I'm a horrible gardener (so far) and yet my father is a professional landscaper. Sometimes I have to stop myself and quit trying to keep up with the Jones'.

"Everything in life has a season."

When I first heard this nugget of wisdom from my grandmother, a light bulb went off in my head. Here I am, trying to do it all when it's really just not my season for some things. You see, life has it's seasons and right now my main season is motherhood. Most everything else is just extra and not as important. One day I'll enjoy being crafty and have that beautiful garden. But right now, it's just not the right time in my life for them.

I'm in the season of motherhood. To be the best mom I can be, I have to take care of myself too. If not, I'm a frazzled mess and then I'm not good for much! For me, this means taking the extra time to paint my toenails, take a relaxing bath, and continuing on my clean, healthy eating journey. Drinking more water is one of my mini efforts in healthier living. Honestly, drinking water is a total drag for me. It's just not my favorite thing to do! But I know it's important, and the bigger picture of better health and proper hydration is what I have to keep in mind. Thanks to Nestlé® Pure Life® for this great reminder!

Pure wisdom should be shared with others! 

Visit the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook wall and leave a comment with the hashtag #momswisdom sharing what your mother told you and how it has made you a better person. Stay tuned for the launch of this year’s Hydration Movement in late July on the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook page!! Nestlé® Pure Life® will continue to focus on healthy hydration, while also embracing Mom’s Wisdom – sharing and discovering all of the little things that moms have shared over the generations that make our lives better. And one thing all moms can agree on is that it’s important to keep the family healthy, hydrated and happy. 

What words of wisdom did your mother or grandmother give to you? 

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.