Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning :: 4 Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Stuff

Okay, so Spring is on it's way out soon. Have you accomplished all your lofty spring cleaning goals? Ummm, I'm still working on it to be completely honest. But, I'm making progress each day, de-cluttering and making our storage of possessions smaller with each step. Now comes the fun part. I've got a bunch of crap stuff that I don't want anymore, but surely someone could use or re-purpose. I hate feeling wasteful so here are my top 4 suggestions on what to do with that stuff before you just throw it away.

1) Give It Away. Rather than tossing that gorgeous jacket that's too small, why not give it away? I always check with extended family, friends, and neighbors first to see if I can help fill a need they have. It's a win win.

 2) Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift Stores etc. Yes, this is still giving your stuff away (by donating), but it's not free for the person buying it so it's certainly not my first choice. However, these places support jobs for your local community, and of course offer great bargains and finds for the deal hunter. Simply dropping off your bags and boxes of stuff is super easy, and a total no-brainer. No asking around your friends and family to see if your stuff is something they need either.

3) Garage Sale. Quick, easy, and just a Saturday morning sipping on coffee, garage sales are an effective way to get rid of your stuff and make some money too. Just like the first two options too, you're helping your local community by selling your neighbors your stuff that they may need, all at a bargain price. Have plenty leftover? See option two and do some more good.

4) Sell Online. If you just want to make some cash NOW and forget the first three options, then selling online is for you. There are lots of sites to sell on, including auction sites eBay, ThredUp for kids stuff and many more, but a new one I discovered is Music Magpie. This service takes your old CDs, DVDs and Games in exchange for cash in your hands and it's very simple. With Music Magpie you simply type or scan in the barcode to get your item's value, send in your stuff with the free shipping service label, and get paid cash!

What do YOU do with all your old stuff?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by The Reynolds Mom. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.