Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bona Dea :: All-Natural Women's Fertility Support {Giveaway Ends 4/30}

Bona Dea wants to help you achieve your baby dreams through their all-natural liquid herbal supplement. You see, conceiving and carrying babies is not easy for every woman, including myself. In order to give our body's the best chance of conceiving and carrying as naturally as possible, our reproductive health needs to be in tip top shape.
Through a quick dose in the morning and at night, this "full-spectrum women's health remedy rejuvenates your reproductive system by strengthening and toning uterine tissue, therefore enhancing menstrual, fertility, and menopausal health." Simply put, it's a twice daily, female reproductive support tonic featuring red raspberry leaf that increases uterine health for conception, can help with cycle regulation and menopause, and just increase your overall reproductive well-being for better health. It's all-natural and contains just purified water, alcohhol, agave syrup and Rubus Ideus (red raspberry leaf).

Hormone imbalances, poor reproductive function and other irregularities can contribute to a whole host of women's issues. The graphic above is a great example that shows how poor uterine health can be the unfortunate cause of conceived embryos not implanting, miscarriages, and other issues, therefore resulting in long waits for a BFP for many families. When a women's reproductive system is out of harmony, it can spell disaster for how she feels during her menstrual cycle too. In fact, awful periods and unresolved pain can be a sign of an unhealthy un-toned uterus that's producing too many prostaglandins. Interesting, huh?

As a mama plagued with a diagnosis of unexplained recurrent miscarriage, I find hope in Bona Dea as an opportunity to increase my chances of conceiving and carrying to term. In recent months you may have noticed the slow pace of new posts and up until now, I have not shared my recent plight publicly. To make a long story short, in early December I learned I was pregnant and in late January I had surgery to remove what turned out to be a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. Since then I learned that my right tube (which consequently had to be removed) had a devastating disease, and recently I learned that my left tube is clear and looks healthy. With this green light we are going to try to conceive again, although still try to avoid unnecessary medical interventions.

What we consume on a daily basis holds more influence on our overall health and well being than I think we all realize. For instance, since going gluten-free last summer, I've had so many health issues that have improved and I feel better than I have in years. With this in mind, I have full confidence that I can positively effect my fertility through natural means, and specifically, the health of my uterus. I know my body struggles with inflammation, and I'm quite positive that my uterus' health is a huge factor in my body's (in)ability to hold a pregnancy once conceived. Given my fertility history, I know that one thing I can help with is the health of my uterus through the amazing benefits of red raspberry leaf. It doesn't taste great, but the convenience of just taking just 10 drops of Bona Dea in the morning and night really frees up my mind. I often forget to make my fertility tea that contains RRL, sometimes it's just too time consuming when I'm busy and other times I simply don't have the desire for it. I know Red Raspberry Leaf is so good for me though! With Bona Dea, getting those amazing women's health benefits from Red Raspberry Leaf is super easy and convenient. For women like me who actually have permanent reproductive system damage, the results will be more limited, but still no doubt, helpful.
I experienced a surprisingly quick recovery from my surgery in January (compared to both my hernia repair and c-section) and since then I've felt rejuvenated, alive, and pretty healthy in comparison to most of last year. I hope to contribute that in part to taking Bona Dea twice daily shortly there after, taking my whole-food prenatal vitamins consistently now, and really trying to focus on eating more healthy again. The removal of my damaged, diseased fallopian tube has also probably helped boost my struggling immune system, which was not allowing me to recover from little colds, inflammation and other small, unexplained health issues. In fact, this Spring my allergies have been the easiest to deal with in years!! To summarize, it's hard to pinpoint Bona Dea as the only reason I've feeling really great lately. However, using Bona Dea as a way to prepare the environment and tone of my uterus and get my female hormones in better balance is priceless and well worth continuing.

Bona Dea has been described as "positively life changing" by those with success stories.  Many women struggling with TTC use Bona Dea and get pregnant within just 4-5 months of use! As I continue to take Bona Dea, I hope to be one of those success stories one day too! If you or someone you know are having trouble conceiving, are going to start TTC soon, or are suffering from menopause, I recommend looking into Bona Dea as a way to get your reproductive system in the best condition possible.

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Barker's Momma said...

I want to try it because we have been TTC baby #2 for almost 4 years now & I want a natural fertility approach.

Amanda said...

I'd like to try this because we too have been TTC for 4 years for #4. I tried the clomid route about a year ago for about 2 cycles and hated the way it made me feel so I've been looking into natural means. Dh and I are currently using the FertiAid but so far nothing. :-(