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Cellular Deflector :: Protect Your Health With The Pocket Cell Phone Shield {Ends 2/20}

Cell phones are practically a necessity for most folks these days. I know I tend to keep mine near by so I don't miss a call or so I can browse pinterest during a spare moment. But have you ever considered the potential harmful effects of cell phone emissions on the body? The scientific evidence seems to be mounting, and every magazine and media outlet seems to be talking about it. In particular, the dangers for men are coming to light.

Most women carry a purse so their phones are not glued to there body while in transport. But what about men? Typically the most logical place is in a front pants pocket. And what's very close to that area? Yep, the male reproductive system. It's a sensitive topic, but one that desperately needs to be addressed.  Guys, your fertility is important! I personally know the devastating effects of infertility. For me, there is literally no action I can take at this point to help protect my future fertility due to a condition I was recently diagnosed with. No, it wasn't caused by cell phone emissions, but it's the reason I'm so passionate about protecting our bodies and fertility as best we can. For men, that means protecting those all-important little swimmers and the entire male reproductive system. The Pocket Cell Phone Shield is an easy way to guard against those harmful cell phone emissions that are likely causing many men to experience lowered sperm count, decreased sperm motility, damaged sperm DNA and other disheartening diagnoses.
The Pocket Cell Phone Shield by Cellular Deflector, Inc. is a pocket insert made from advanced metalized fabrics that slips into your pocket and deflects cell phone emissions away from the body. This patent-pending, discreet design offers five layers of protection against heat, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic transmissions. It weighs just 0.3 ounces, is only 1/8" thick, and no one will ever know it's there. It does not interfere with your cell phone at all, and you can still receive calls and texts like normal.
I personally have no doubt that cell phones are a major danger to male fertility. I think the Pocket Cell Phone Shield is a fantastic solution to the growing infertility problem in our society and such an effective way to protect yourself. Let's face it. Most men aren't as proactive about their fertility as my husband (ummm, I think it took me months to train him!) and need a quick, simple, inexpensive solution that takes no time to learn or fuss about. Slipping a Pocket Cell Phone Shield in your pocket along with your phone is no. big. deal. It's worth it, and the astounding scientific evidence from studies regarding cell phone emissions will convince you that cell phone emissions are not something to mess around with!

Here's just one of the three performance videos for the Pocket Cell Phone Shield. Compelling enough for you? I think so! The shielding effects of the Pocket Cell Phone Shield are clearly very effective

How to Protect Yourself

The following tips will help YOU reduce your exposure to heat, magnetic fields, and microwave transmissions generated by your cell phone:
    1. Keep your phone out of your pocket as much as possible. Put it on your desk, in your bag, in your car's cup holder, or anywhere other than your pocket or lap whenever possible.
    2. Try to limit your phone usage when in low signal areas such as basements, moving cars, etc. The fewer bars you have, the more power your phone is forced to use to communicate, exposing you to more emissions.
    3. Use WiFi whenever possible to transmit data instead of the cellular network--the lower power usage will reduce your exposure and extend your battery life too.
    4. Never use a Bluetooth earpiece to make calls with your phone in your pocket--the phone will be sending data almost continuously during a call. Hold the phone in your hand or put it on a desk or table.
    5. When you need to put your phone in your pocket, make sure to use a Pocket Cell Phone Shield.
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