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Monthly Subscription Boxes :: Samplrs Review

Samplrs is monthly subscription service that offers you a taste of the finest, local artisan foods from around New York City. This brand new service aims to help you discover up-and-coming food brands that will excite your taste buds while also helping these local, independent artisans grow and reach a wider audience of foodies. Each month your Samplr will include 4-6 full-size food products, from sweets to sauces and everything in between.

What's Inside?
I received the June Samplr which included 5 full-size products and a Samplrs tote bag. Since I very recently went entirely gluten-free, I enlisted the help and expertise of my hubby, a truly hard food critic, to tell me about a few of these.
  • Spiced Sour Cherry Spread by The Gracious Gourmet -This is such a unique spread! The spiced part of this spread reminds me of fall and Christmas when apple ciders and spiced drinks are around more often. At the same time it tastes a little tangy (not too sour actually), and would make a great compliment to soft cheeses, as a marinade or sauce for various meats and poultry, or on desserts. It's a little chunky but not too thick. It's really delicious and quite natural too.
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frank - I love trying new olive oils for the pure and simple fact of enjoying the different flavor profiles out there. I really don't have a favorite or prefer one over the other, although we do use olive oil to cook with almost every day. This one is made in Spain and has a high quality, full-bodied olive aroma with a bit of a fruity undertone. For me what sets it apart is the quality that I can taste in this olive oil. It's absolutely delicious and I definitely want to buy it when this runs out!
  • Cranberry Orange Zest Biscotti by Biscotti Di Vecchio - These have a delicious orange aroma! Hubby said this biscotti tasted lightly sweet with a zing of tangy flavor from the cranberries and lots of crunch. We've never been biscotti eaters so this was new for him, but he said it was good all by itself instead of with coffee or tea (he doesn't drink either).
  • Cayenne + Cumin Crackers by Z Crackers - Hubby said these are hard like a chip, but thicker like a cracker. They had a great texture, just the right amount of seasoning and weren't too grainy or earthy tasting. He said this savory cracker would be great paired with guacamole or hummus. (He wouldn't stop eating these!)
  • The Cookie by Salt of the Earth Bakery - The four generously size soft cookies that didn't quite make it during shipment (they were a bit smashed and broken), but they smelled heavenly! So sad I couldn't try them myself. The chocolate discs created alternating layers of chocolate sheets and cookie, making them look very chocolatey and decadent. Hubby said these are soft, crumbly, and perfectly sweet. They weren't his favorite and he wouldn't describe them as grandma's homemade, but he still enjoyed them (Buddy did too).
The June Samplr took gourmet and fancy to a whole new level for me. I feel like each one of these products belong in those small boutiques and shops in the heart of every city. But these yummy, unique foods were shipped right to my door and were clearly sampled and approved for inclusion. Although I couldn't eat everything because I'm strictly gluten-free right now, I did enjoy the olive oil and cherry spread a lot. Overall it was a great mix of sweet, savory, and different types of food products to sample and enjoy. And because they were all generous, full-size products, there was plenty to go around for everyone to try and even some friends too.

Inspired by the two June Recipes on the included card that highlighted the Spiced Sour Cherry Spread, I tried tortilla chips dipped in the Cherry Spread and then sprinkled with Feta cheese. I guess when you're gluten-free and don't have yummy soft cheeses on hand you have to get creative! Despite the interesting combo, it was actually very tasty and felt like I was eating a fancy hors d'oeuvre. The Spiced Sour Cherry Tortilla Roll-ups recipe sounds amazing, and since I just found a gluten-free recipe for "flour" tortillas, I'm really looking forward to making them sometime soon. 

I really like the local concept of Samplrs. They are featuring local artisans from the NYC area as a way to not only create their own business, but to support and highlight these local artisans in their area. I love supporting local businesses too. Although none of these featured artisans are local to me, they are still small, deserving businesses here in America that have plenty to offer. Samplrs goes even farther than just a monthly box of gourmet foods. You can also purchase the items from your monthly Samplr directly from The Market, Samplrs' online store. After taking a gander, I realized the value of the June Samplr was well over the subscription price of $29.99, making it very apparent that subscribing to Samplrs is an incredible value and well worth the entire experience! Job well done Samplrs! I can't wait to see what local artisans you feature next! 

 Subscription Options: Choose from three options, a monthly subscription with monthly billing for $29.99/month (cancel anytime), or lock into a longer subscription of 3 months for $89.95 or 6 months for $179.95. Always FREE shipping!

Sign up for August delivery by July 18th! 

Vegetarian-only Samplrs are now available and will contain vegetarian alternatives to featured meat products.

Each option also offers bonus loyalty points which are redeemable for $10 in The Market for each 100 points you earn!

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