Friday, May 11, 2012

Zipit Bedding : Exclusive Discount for TRM Readers! Just $39.99!

I have an amazing deal to share with my readers! Remember my review of Zipit Bedding back in February? Now you can get it for super cheap! (Keep reading!) We still use our Zipit Bedding and rotate it with our extra set of regular bedding when Buddy has an accident overnight. We HANDS-DOWN prefer our Zipit Bedding! It's perfect for toddlers, big kids and even teens!
Ready for your super SPECIAL DISCOUNT? For a limited time, my readers can get a Zipit Bedding set at a special DISCOUNT PRICE of only $39.99! That's $20 off the already discounted web price. For only $39.99, you can experience this great new product. Don't miss this opportunity!  

Click HERE to order and use code REYNOLDS10 at checkout to receive your $20 off discount!

Along with the comforter on top that zips together to the sheet, you'll get some other super fun features with your Zipit Bedding set! It also comes in pink for girls too!

Have you tried Zipit Bedding yet?