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YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans & YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears : What's In Your Easter Candy? Review & Giveaway - Ends 3/28

On my never-ending journey to find healthier, better alternatives, I recently started looking into the candy we eat. Now, we don't eat a lot of candy around here (well, I really shouldn't include myself in this statement...I have the worst sweet tooth!), and some might even consider me to be a strict mama. However, Buddy is only 3, and I had a mouth full of cavities throughout my childhood and I'm trying to do all I can to avoid that for my son so I deprive hide any candy with good reason. The sugar is not my main concern though. It's the horribly artificial ingredients you find in just about every candy these days, and they're especially temping around Easter and other holidays. Have you gone down the Easter isle yet this year? Just flip over a bag of candy....high fructose corn syrup, Red 40.....the list goes on. I DON'T want to eat those nasty ingredients and I certainly don't want to give them to my son I was thrilled to find a candy company that cares and only uses the best ingredients (insert mega excitement here)!

YummyEarth is the #1 organic candy company in the US today, with distribution in over 40 countries as well. Founded in 2005 and run by two dads that wanted to stay away from yucky chemicals for their kids, they are a fabulous choice for those that love candy but hate the lack of alternative options. I'm one of those people! I just have to have the sweets as I've already mentioned. I figure if I'm going to eat it anyway, it might as well be made of better, healthier ingredients. YummyEarth uses organic and natural ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, and are gluten, nut and dairy free. The flavors and colors come from real fruit extracts and planet friendly ingredients.

YummyEarth is probably best known for their organic lollipops (that's what I've known them for anyway! Buddy gets one when he lets me cut his hair!) but they also make awesome drops and gummies too. Their candies come in 22 amazing handcrafted flavors like Pomegranate Pucker, Blood Orange Cocktail, Strawberry Smash, Mango Tango, and Wet-face Watermelon. After receiving my review items and beginning to write my review, I just HAD to buy the Organic Pomegranate Pucker Drops to try and I'm absolutely hooked!! Seriously amazing flavor.

Yummy Earth generously sent my family a bag of their YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears, and their brand new YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans. Check out their recent press release from earlier this month, announcing their new line of natural candy, starting out with the YumEarth Sour Beans.

YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans have an awesome balance of sweet and totally sour and leave me wanting more and more! As a sour candy lover, I'm excited to have such a natural option that actually gives such a strong sour punch! You also won't find completely uniform sized jelly beans either - which is utterly refreshing and more "natural" feeling to me anyway. They are made from real fruit juice, real fruit extracts and natural ingredients to achieve these sour flavors. They contain no artificial dyes, no MSG and are dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free, soy-free, peanut-free and tree-nut free too. Although the Sour Beans are not organic, it's so much better than the artificial ingredients in most candy and probably saves you a bit when it comes to cost anyway!
The YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans Family Bag includes 10 little snack packs. These portioned little packs are the perfect way to limit your kids (or your own) candy intake, and to keep what you're not eating nice and fresh. They are a fabulous way to reward good behavior or leave a little surprise in your kids' lunch boxes. Oh, did I mention each snack pack contains 100% of your Vitamin C intake AND all for less than 70 calories? Yep, totally quilt-free. You can't feel too guilty anyway when you see the all natural (really truly natural) ingredients! Seriously, with all this talk about "limiting" candy intake, I must admit that between me, Hubby and Buddy, we ate all 10 packs within just 2 days! Of course they are also available in 2.5oz and 4oz bags too if you don't care for portioned snack packs.

Although Buddy seems to really enjoy sour candy, he loved the YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears also. Just the perfect size for a little guy! They also remind him of his gummy vitamins he takes everyday, only this time he got to enjoy more than just two little bears. :) The texture is great and the strong fruity aroma is lovely. Overall they are pretty yummy and would satisfy any sweet tooth without the bad ingredients and artificial colors. In fact, these are actually made with several organic ingredients, including Organic fruit juice. YummyEarth Organic Gummy Bears come in a Easter Pack of 10 snack packs too!

With Easter coming up soon, it's the perfect opportunity to discover alternatives to what you might normally put in your kiddo's Easter basket. I highly encourage you to consider YummyEarth if you're going to offer candy to your kids at any time at all. Introducing our kids to better, healthier alternatives shape their preferences for life, so it's important to make every sweet treat count. I'm not perfect with this by any means, but the more and more I learn what's in conventional candies, the more and more I seek out options from companies like YummyEarth!

Price: Sour Beans Family Bag - $5.99, Gummy Bears 2.5oz bag - $2.50

Buy It: Find a retailer near you, buy online at, (AND get $5 off your order at with code VOX120!), or (AND get a $10 off code for Vitacost when you sign up through this link! That's some cheap, natural Easter candy!)

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