Monday, December 12, 2011

Horizon Organic Review

For over 20 years, Horizon Organic's goal has been to bring you the best organic dairy products it can. They want to make healthy eating and drinking an easy choice to make. Horizon Organic has been a favorite organic diary brand of mine, and it's been great fun learning about all the dairy products Horizon makes that I've never seen before! Through my research for this review I also came across these really fun facts about Horizon...
  • Horizon® products (more than 40!) are produced in partnership with over 600 family farms, all of which support kindness to animals and the environment. 
  • Our smallest family farm in Vermont only has 12 cows. Now that's what we call cozy. 
  • I love the small, cozy feel of Horizon as a company, and how they've put family before profits by supporting family farms. Oh, their products are pretty great too!!! :)
      I received coupons to go out and try a few Horizon products for myself. I got a couple 1/2 gallons of organic milk, a 1/2 gallon of organic chocolate milk, Mozzarella String Cheese, and Lowfat Yogurt Tuberz.

      The flavor of the Mozzarella String Cheese is absolutely yummy! My hubby doesn't always enjoy string cheese, but he did like this. The texture is great too, something you can't always say of conventional brands. Althought pricey -almost $1 per stick, ouch! - they are definitely worth trying and buying on occasion (and totally savoring too!). The Tuberz yogurts were Buddy's favorites, and are Horizon's version of another tube yogurt commonly found at the grocery store. These, however, and organic of course which I definitely prefer. I actually felt like these were a bit too sweet, and high in sugar. I personally think the recipe would be much better with less sugar (and that's coming from a major sweet tooth!), and taste a little better too. Still, I like them and we'll probably buy them again in the near future. They're a quick snack if you're in a hurry!

      Have you tried a different brand of milk and thought "Ewwwww, that tastes weird!"?? Well, I've done that many times, but Horizon has exceeded my expectations and has a great flavor. It's actually my favorite milk brand now!  It takes wonderful, it's organic, and reasonably priced for being organic too. The organic chocolate milk was DELICIOUS! I can't even remember the last time I bought chocolate milk. I now remember why I don't usually buy it....because I'd probably drink the whole thing in one day if I didn't try as hard as I did with this to space it out and make it last!! It was rich with chocolate flavor, creamy, and has added DHA Omega-3 to support your brain heart, and eyes. I can't argue with that and I didn't feel guilty offering some to Buddy either since overall it's still good for him. (He gets crazy with sweet drinks and candy!) I highly recommend picking up either type of milk next time you're at the grocery store!

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      Price: Mozzarella String Cheese 6 pack - $5.99, Half-gallon Milk - $3.59, Tuberz - $2.99 (Of course, prices will vary by location)

      The Verdict: Fantastic organic dairy products that are full of flavor and come from (mostly) family farms. Gotta love it!

      Buy It: Check out the store locator to find Horizon products near you!

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