Saturday, December 17, 2011

FitDeck Review: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer! (Order by 12/18 for Christmas delivery!)

This is a guest review written by The Reynolds Dad.

Meet FitDeck!

So you want to get in shape? Want to have fun doing it? Are you looking for an awesome Christmas stocking stuffer? FitDeck is pretty awesome and I think once you try a FitDeck out, you’ll be itching to get your hands on as many FitDecks as you can.

Ready? Set? SHUFFLE!

These decks will get you in shape quick, or if you are already in shape, you’ll get an endless stream of new workouts every day. The cards are perfect because you can slip a few into your pocket to use while out on a jog, at the playground, or on the job.

The decks are basically playing cards with illustrations of a specific exercise to perform on each card.  The best thing about FitDeck is that many of the exercises are body weight driven (no equipment) and also a new workout routine can be created by shuffling the cards. There are an endless number of games you can play with the cards too. Each Deck comes with suggested games/workouts which I thought was fun.

The breadth of the product line is impressive. You’ll surely find a deck that is fitted to your personality, and workout style. I personally used the “Office” deck to workout in my cubicle in my suit and tie. 

Some of the Decks that interest me (as gifts and for myself) are:
FitDeck Bodyweight, FitDeck Prenatal, FitDeck Postnatal, FitDeck Senior, FitDeck Travel, FitDeck Office, FitDeck Stairs, FitDeck CrossTrain, FitDeck Plyometrics, FitDeck Playground, and FitDeck Junior. These are just a few of the FitDecks. Some of them are “Booster” decks, and some are full decks. The booster decks are more specific and can be combined with a full deck or used on their own. The only full FitDeck I reviewed was the FitDeck Bodyweight. 

Lets go to the FitDecks I reviewed:
Workout 1: FitDeck Office, 26 card booster deck
I put this deck under my monitor and did two cards/exercises per hour. The toughest part of this workout was remembering to do the cards. I liked that I could put the cards right in front of my face as a reminder. The exercises were not too tough, but just right for the office. The exercises made me feel refreshed without breaking a sweat. On one of the exercises, the desk biceps curl, I felt like my desktop was going to rip out of the cubicle wall which is way awesome! I plan to permanently keep this deck under my monitor.
Workout 2: FitDeck Bodyweight, 56 card full deck
This is the main deck that I recommend. It also comes in an iPhone App for those of you into dripping sweat all over your phone. This deck kicked my butt! At first glance, I thought this was going to be a breeze.  I am a P90X and Beachbody Insanity graduate, so I thought that this deck of cards would be child’s play. I lasted a good 15 minutes before stopping from exhaustion!  This deck is awesome.  The deck has three options, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. I chose the advanced level to perform on each card. I also just picked 15 cards out of the 56 card deck to perform! My heart rate monitor had me in the top of my range after the third card. Normally, I can jog for a mile before I even get close to that range. It was instant exercise love! 

Workout 3: FitDeck CrossTrain, and FitDeck Plyometrics COMBINED!
On an review, a reviewer recommended the FitDeck CrossTrain set. Now I can see why. This was probably the most concise set of exercises to get you in top physical shape. Some of the cards require a pull-up bar, so equipment is recommended.  Even if you don’t have the equipment, it is easy enough to just remove the card(s) from the deck.

I shuffled the CrossTrain Deck with the Plyometrics Deck. I was leery of my choice because I did not want to be too sore the next day. I just picked eight cards to perform to try the deck out. Once I started, my son was checking me out and wanted to join in all the jumping around (Plyometrics is basically Jump Training). These decks are intended to get you into elite physical shape. I am also intensely interested in CrossFit. If you’re familiar with CrossFit, you will want to check out the CrossTrain Deck.

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Price: FitDeck Office - $9.95, FitDeck Bodyweight - $14.95, FitDeck Plyometrics - $9.95, FitDeck CrossTrain - $9.95

FitDeck is a great motivator. Even my father who is 71 and has Parkinson ’s disease wanted to do the exercises.  He did his first push-ups in 8 years! (Yes!) The workouts can be adjusted for the absolute beginner, new mom, kids, senior citizen, or elite athlete. In addition, the workouts can be turned into “games” to keep things fresh.

I’m planning to get some more FitDeck playing cards as gifts, and the prices are just right. There are more reviews of the FitDeck product on YouTube if you want to see some of the cards and games in action. With Christmas just around the corner, The Reynolds Mom just might find a FitDeck in her stocking this year. 

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The Reynolds Dad

P.S. My father is telling me he really wants the yoga deck in his stocking.  

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