Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Top 10 Baby Toy Picks at buybuy BABY

I received complimentary product for review purposes as part of the babyhood Influencer Network. All opinions are 100% my own.

With Christmas just three weeks away, shopping for gifts is in full force around here. My favorite gifts to shop for are the kids' toys. I consider it so much fun to go into a store to see and touch the toys I'm considering. I feel like a kid again, on the hunt for the best toy out there!

Not every toy lives up to it's promises and with so many toy options out there it's important to do your research and find reviews from other parents. That's what I've done here with my top 10 baby toy picks at buybuy BABY. My picks are mostly toys that we own already and highly recommend. A few are toys that we will own after opening gifts on Christmas morning, and a couple are on our wishlist still. I chose a few gift options in the more pricey range, but most are affordable for all budgets. I've made it easy for you to choose a gift that works for you!

A few notes before you shop. First, consider the age of the baby you're shopping for, and what is developmentally appropriate. Baby toys these days will typically have the appropriate age range listed on the product packaging or online listing. Some toys will absolutely work for young babies all the way into toddlerhood, and those are definitely my favorite.

Also, consider that your gift doesn't necessarily need to light up, use batteries or make a ton of noise to be exciting. Sure, those things are great (and we own plenty), but sometimes going simple is just as good. Some of baby girl's favorite toys are simple stacking cups that she loves to knock over, and a stuffed toy green bean that she loves to chew on.

So without further ado, here are my top ten baby toy picks from buybuy BABY this holiday season.

1. My Busy World Cube by ALEX Toys - $69.99 
Five bright and colorful sides of exciting activities will captivate and engage your little one. This sturdy wood cube features curvy bead mazes, peek-a-boo doors, spin and match animals, turn and learn ABC tiles and racing vehicle rollers. Baby girl enjoys this cube very much! It has so many components to it that she'll probably discover something new every time she plays with it for quite a while. Buy it now. 

2. Jiggypotamus by kiddopotamus - $19.99
Kiddopotamus is a new line from Summer Infant! This toy is a cuddly plush that jiggles, shakes, and giggles when squeezed. Baby girl was a bit unsure of this one at first, but now thinks it's quite hilarious! Sure to delight your baby and toddler alike, get ready for plenty of laughs! Buy it now.

3. PortaPlay Convertible Activity Center by Oribel - $149.99
This impressive activity center is a bouncer and activity table too, making it a versatile gift and a cost-effective product. It features a unique forest theme, 5 clip-on toys with a unique forest theme, and it all folds flat for space-saving storage and easy portability. Buy it now

4. Whoozit Space Blankie by Manhattan Toy - $14.99
A fun blankie with two spinning rattle balls, a discovery mirror and a teething corner. Perfect for all babies, especially those just learning to grasp toys and begin to develop fine motor skills. It clips to activity centers and car seats too. Buy it now.

5. Have It All Ball by kiddopotamus - $14.99
Let baby explore the color, texture, sounds and ribbons of this new toy from kiddopotamus! The leaves crinkle, the ball squeaks, and there's a mirror too. Give it a big squeeze and a monkey pops up from the middle. Baby girl loves the different textures on this toy, which is a nice large size for little hands. Buy it now

6. Parum Pum Pum Drum by B. - $34.99
This highly rated instrument set by B. is bound to create lasting memories of musical creativity with your baby. The set includes silly centipede drumsticks, jingle bell ants, a busy bee maraca and clacker, a cute caterpillar tambourine and 2 shaka-shaka eggs which conveniently fit inside the drum. Buy it now.

7. Bandana Buddies Animal Activity Toy in Ellie the Elephant by SKIP*HOP - $14.99
This guy is a great size and full of exciting textures, patterns, and sounds. It features a teether, rattle ring, and mirror too! Attach to the car seat for on-the-go entertainment or keep in the play room, this (and all the animal characters in this line from SKIP*HOP) are sure to be one of baby's favorite plush toys. Buy it now.

8. Activity Garden by Little Tikes - $79.99
This interactive play center transforms into an open two-sided play environment. It features
a Tap-a-Tune piano, shape-sorter mailbox, open-close window shutters, movable telescope, crawl-through obstacle course and more. Plenty of play opportunities make this an excellent gift choice that will grow with your baby into toddlerhood. Baby girl will be getting this as her "big gift" on Christmas morning! Buy it now.

9. Stack and Roll Cups by Fisher-Price - $11.99
A unique take on stacking cups, this set is a new family favorite in our home. These cups stack, nest, and fit together to form balls that really roll. A cute yellow ball that jingles adds another element of fun. The cups are different shapes and have numbers too, which create so many possibilities in this one somewhat simple toy. Buy it now

10. Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker by VTech - $34.99 

Music, lights, and plenty to do will engage your little one with this walker, a popular choice by parents. Baby girl LOVES sitting up to use it at the moment, but will be pushing it around as she learns to walk soon enough! The play panel is removable for use on the ground during tummy time also. It features three spinning flowers, five piano keys, colorful rollers, three light-up shape sorters and a telephone handset. Buy it now

So there you have it, my favorite baby toys this holiday season. Will any of these be wrapped under your Christmas tree?

Ready to shop? Buybuy BABY has you covered for all the seasons of baby's first years, holiday gifts included. They carry an insanely large collection of baby products, with a multitude of toys for every age and stage for babies and toddlers. Employees receive extensive product training from buybuy BABY and brand vendors, so you can be sure that help is available if needed. Amazing customer service, product selection and competitive prices keep me coming back to buybuy BABY. Find your nearest store location here.


Rachel Mouton said...

These are all such cute and educational gifts! Great ideas :)

Jessica Harlow said...

This is a fun list of toddler favorites! My kiddos LOVED toy cubes and Alex Toys is such a great toy company!

Mom Knows Best said...

Lots of cute toys for babies. I cant wait for grandchildren.

Elizabeth Edgar said...

They look so fun and colorful! I wish I have buybuy baby close by! :(

Ashley R said...

You can order at!

Angie Church said...

love your selection of toys too young for our grand-babies but still looks awesome

Krystal said...

Those are some great choices. We love all things whoozit!

Michelle Mink said...

I love the my busy world cube and have put it on my christmas list for my little cousin. i want to play with it too so i hope he's getting good at sharing. A lot of great items made this list

ana de jesus said...

My little sister would love this it would make a great gift for Christmas thanks for sharing!

Angie Scheie said...

I have s lot of friends with small children, so this list will really come in handy!

Elizabeth O. said...

Activity centers are always great because it enhances their imagination and exercises their brain! I love giving those as gifts!

Nyla said...

Love these!

LifeAsAConvert said...

Funny story: we used to have one of those cube things and it just disappeared. No clue where it went. There one day and gone the next.

Deal Match Maker said...

Great selection. I love educational toys and books.

jenjen said...

Will definitely add this to my list on which gift I'll give my godsons and goddaughters :)

Claudette P. Esterine said...

These are all very nice and not too pricey!

Ann B said...

You are right, there are many toys that do not light up or make noise and they are lots of fun as well. Great selection of toys in this post.

Liz Mays said...

You totally nailed all the fun things baby should have with this list. It's so well rounded!

Patty Woodland said...

Any baby would be lucky to get these. I don't have any little ones any longer - my nieces and nephews are all teens and preteens now. Great choices.

Victoria Heckstall said...

I have a small kid and it was perfect for him. I want this for him.

Dogvills said...

What a great selection. I love that these toys are educational and they are affordable.

Caroline B said...

I love these! The quality seems to be fantastic! :)

mail4rosey said...

you've got so many great ideas here. I really like Manhattan Toys!

Nicole Escat said...

These is such a great gift selection. Perfect for my niece. I'm going to check this out.