Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ultimate Swaddle Blankets from SwaddleDesigns {Giveaway - Ends 11/15}

Founded and designed by Lynette Damir, RN, SwaddleDesigns is a brand trusted by parents and caregivers when it comes to the care and comfort of baby. Known for their premium quality swaddle blankets in fabulous colors and prints, SwaddleDesigns is a favorite baby essential in our home and continues to be, even beyond the newborn stage.
I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

SwaddleDesigns recently released their new Lolli Fleur Collection. Ultimate Swaddle Blankets, Baby Burpies, and zzZipMe Sacks are available in four colors in this beautiful new design.

Ultimate Swaddle Blankets are soft, warm, and generously sized at 42" x 42". Made in the USA from premium 100% cotton flannel, they breathe better than swaddling products made from sythentic fibers, thus providing a safer sleeping environment for baby. The blankets feature a 123 Swaddle instructional tag, making swaddling an easier task for new parents. SwaddleDesigns is an advocate of safe sleep practices, promoting the SwaddleDesigns Goldilocks Guide - Baby should not be too hot or too cold, but just right - comfortably warm

I tested many swaddle blankets with baby girl. I loved most of them (each for different reasons), but my favorite for swaddling at night were the Ultimate Swaddle Blankets from SwaddleDesigns. I also used these when Buddy was a baby, if that gives any indication of just how much I love these blankets. The 100% cotton flannel doesn't stretch like a muslin blanket does, so I found it to be much more difficult for my babies to escape their cozy swaddle. 

Swaddling has many benefits, which I have personally experienced with both of my children. Swaddled babies tend to sleep better and for longer stretches due to the snug environment, similar to the womb. This always helps decrease the instance of the startle reflex, which does not begin to decrease until around six months of age. There were many times swaddling helped to calm my children when they were simply overtired and needed extra help calming down so they could sleep. 

Although the Ultimate Swaddle Blankets are amazing for cool weather, I even swaddled baby girl every night in one through the summer. A onsie underneath was all she needed, and she was comfy all night. During the cooler months I find the SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Swaddle Blankets to be an absolute essential. Winter is coming so get yours now!

Our days of swaddling may be over, but we still love our swaddle blankets for tummy time, for car rides or mama snuggles, or as a quick nursing cover. I still have Buddy's Ultimate Swaddle Blankets within reach, and those are from seven years ago! These very functional blankets last well beyond the newborn swaddle stage and are certainly a great baby purchase. We made it with just two of these swaddles, although three or four is ideal.

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Mama Blamer said...

I love the cashmere baby blankets.

terry maigi said...

I love the Muslin zzZipMe Sack Butterflies!

Tannis said...

I like the Hogs & kisses muslin swaddle blanket set.

aperry said...

I like the Organic Baby Washcloths
Mod Circles on Ivory

Amanda said...

I like the Ultimate Swaddle in the Mama, Papa & Baby Owls!

Heather62 said...

The muslin sleep sack is perfect for my grand niece who lives in Florida.

Rebecca Orr said...

I really love the muslin swaddles and the short sleeve body suits. The body suits are thick and fit perfectly. The muslin swaddles are so light and breathable.

Theresa Anne said...

I love the Marquisette Swaddle Blanket Medallions in Sea Crystals :)

Breeze said...

Jewel Mod Circles Ultimate Swaddle is my favorite! The turqouise is so vibrant.

p.s. I put the wrong name for the entry on the rafflecopter. I think I put Breanne.

back2basics said...

I love the ultimate swaddle in planets!!!

Ruby said...

My favorite product is the zzZipMe Sack
Cotton Elephant & Chickies