Monday, March 23, 2015

Preparing For Birth with Birth Affirmations

I am officially "due" today! I'll be spending the remainder of my pregnancy relaxing as I prepare for labor to start at any point now. Every woman copes with labor in different ways and quite frankly I don't know how I'll cope since Buddy's birth was a scheduled c-section. This time around I'm planning on experiencing labor. Some coping methods I hope to use are my birth ball, massage, breathing techniques, essential oils, changing positions, shower/birth tub, music, and of course, lots of helpful verbal support from my birth team. 

When preparing for birth, the process of creating a "birth plan" is merely the act of writing out your birth hopes and truly learning about all the possibilities that could occur in birth. You really can't plan, but you can prepare in many ways for your birth to make it a positive experience no matter what. And so I've found birth affirmations to be a positive way to help me prepare now and while in actual labor.

For me, I love positive encouragement that says "YOU CAN DO THIS!" I know my body can achieve a VBAC, I know it's safe for me to do so, and I have a lot of support to carry me through. Through the process of finding these birth affirmations, I've been able to see where I might be vulnerable to weakness and "crack" in my labor - and thus what areas I need the most support. 

I don't want my fear of the pain to be an obstacle that stalls my labor or prevents me from progressing. In the moments of difficult, painful contractions, I don't want to cave into fear, and mostly, into medications that can lead me down a road to unnecessary interventions and possibly a repeat c-section if baby is totally fine and it's just ME that can't find a way to cope. Even if I find I can't cope without an epidural, or I do end up with a repeat c-section, I want to know that I've done everything I possibly can before that point. 

And so, here's my compilation of birth affirmations - statements that I have started reading now, and plan on reading while in labor (or having my husband, mom or doula read to me) with great conviction! I've read through hundreds of birth affirmations from dozens resources in preparation for my upcoming birth, and these are my favorite. Some are very similar, but worded in ways that might be just what I need to hear in the moment - we shall see!

I believe in myself and I have nothing to fear.

I can do ANYTHING for a minute.

Focus on each contraction - just get through this one.

Birth is a safe and wonderful experience.

I am not afraid.

My contractions can never be stronger than me. They ARE me.

I trust in my ability to give birth.


My body knows exactly what to do.

Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world.

I will breathe deeply and slowly to relax my muscles, making it easier for my uterus to work.

Breathe deeply and slowly. Relax. Let the contractions work.

My body is completely relaxed. All I need to do is relax and breathe - nothing else.

I am ready and prepared for childbirth.

I visualize my baby moving gently through the birth canal.

I'm doing this for my baby!

Each contraction brings me closer to meeting my baby.

I can, and I will.

I trust in my ability to birth my baby.

I let go of my anxiety and focus on the task ahead.

I let go of the unfinished, so that my baby can be born healthy and strong.

It always seems impossible until it is done.

I trust the process.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

The moment I'm ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. DON'T GIVE UP.

I am a strong and capable woman.

I have patience. There is no need for us to hurry.

I am strong and calm and beautiful.

I am surrounded by love and support.

I am whole and at peace.

My body knows how to birth my baby.

I have everything I need.

I put all fear aside and relax to focus on this contraction.

My mind is relaxed. My body is relaxed.

I feel confident. I feel safe. I feel secure.

My cervix opens outward and allows my baby to ease down.

Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me.

I deserve this. I have waited for this moment!

I put all fear aside and welcome my baby with happiness and joy.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Every effort I make brings me closer to my baby.

I am riding each wave as it comes. Take one at a time!

Do not fear!

I am opening for my baby.

I surrender all and let my body work.

My birth will go exactly as it should, no matter what happens.

Are you preparing for birth soon? What coping strategies are you planning to use during labor?



Julie Wood said...

I like so many of these positive comments that can really help prepare a new mother for the arrival of her baby! I remember just taking it easy the last few weeks before the my son was born and reading baby books to help prepare me for his arrival.

JRFrugalMom and Family said...

YES, YOU CAN DO THIS! The one thing that got me through the pain was really remembering that as soon as the baby is out the pain is gone...

I hope everything goes just according to your plan.

lil_lady_dz said...

Love this post, very inspirational. It is great to surround yourself with positive thinking as well as positive people throughout your pregnancy.

Beth R said...

The affirmations were great for me when I was having my VBAC. It helped me focus when I needed to and got me through the tough contractions