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Naturalmat :: The Organic Coco Mat Crib Mattress {Giveaway - Ends 2/16}

I began researching crib mattress options early on in my pregnancy. The amount of options these days can be overwhelming, but thankfully there are an increasing number of crib mattress companies that are using more organic materials and fewer or no synthetics. This results in parents' peace of mind that their baby is sleeping in a healthy environment with excellent ventilation, comfort and insulation.

I received complimentary product for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

One organic bedding company that stands far out from the crowd for me is Naturalmat. Their line of baby mattresses and bedding are made by hand in Devon, England from pure organic and natural,
renewable materials like organic coconut coir, natural latex, organic lambswool, and organic cotton, all sourced from sustainable, local sources.

The company was founded in 2000 with the aim of helping babies and children sleep safely and comfortably in the best, most natural environment possible. Before Naturalmat came to be, founders Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall were keen sailors who became frustrated with the poor quality of synthetic mattresses found on boats. From there, Mark and Peter set to work to create a range of pure natural fiber mattresses when Mark's first child was born. Here's a beautiful video that truly captures what Naturalmat is all about:

Naturalmat prides itself in handcrafting their bedding in their own factory in Devon, where their quality can be strictly controlled and monitored. What you receive is a product that is made with the best care, and of the best materials possible. I love that Naturalmat is committed to such high standards for their bedding!

In the midst of my baby nesting, we recently received a Coco Mat. The Coco Mat is one of Naturalmat's three baby crib mattress options, and the most ideal for newborns and small babies since it's the most breathable of the three.

Peeling away the outer, washable organic cover, I discovered the inner cover which piqued my interest. Since it also has a zipper, I decided to open it...

...which revealed the amazing core layers of the Coco Mat! After watching the video above and then seeing the inside of this mattress, I am so in love with the absolute disclosure and integrity of materials that I can actually see. Peeking inside also revealed just how simple and natural this mattress is. The organic coconut coir is what gives this mattress it's stability and firm support, while also having a little natural spring to it.

The organic coconut coir is layered with organic lambswool on each side, then covered in organic cotton. The final organic cotton cover is the quilted one, giving the mattress a comfortable yet firm surface for baby to sleep on (with an organic crib sheet over it of course).

The Coco Mat has a lot of impressive features that deserve to be shared in their entirety. If you're anything like me in regards to crib mattress research, these nitty gritty details are important! Non-toxic materials, breathability and safety are my top priorities when it comes to purchasing a crib mattress, and I have found the Coco Mat to withstand my high expectations.

Breathable & Organic
• Does not absorb heat or moisture.
• Naturally breathable and self-ventilating materials.
• Helps babies regulate their temperature and sleep through the night.
• Organic lambswool is an excellent insulator, keeping children warm in cold conditions and cool in warm conditions.
• Eco-friendly packaging made from paper starch and a mixture of recyclable and renewable paper sources.

Anti-Allergy & Anti-Bed Bug
• A treatment of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender makes Naturalmat lambswool anti-dust mite, anti-moth and anti-mosquito - properties will help to reduce the risk of asthma and other allergic reactions.
• Outer cover is finished with a natural compound derived from geraniol which renders them anti bed-bug.
• Outer cover has zip so that it can be removed and washed at 140°F. Dust mites are killed at 135°.

Comfort & Support

• Naturalmat’s organic coir (from the outer husk of the coconut) is sourced from the only organic coconut plantation in the world.
• Its superb natural spring and support ensures baby and child maintain a good posture while they are growing.
• Wool is an excellent insulator and ventilator, ensuring an even temperature and helping babies to remain comfortable.
• Naturalmat’s organic lambswool comes direct from local certified organic British West Country farms.
• This helps sustain local raw materials and craftsmanship and keeps the carbon footprint of the mattress low.

As you can see we have a very snug fit with the Coco Mat inside our standard crib. Although putting on a crib sheet is definitely not a fun task (but when is it ever fun to make the bed?), this helps prevent baby from getting stuck between the slats and mattress.

I am thrilled with our Coco Mat for our baby girl, and I feel safe knowing just how natural this crib mattress is. Now, will she be a crib-lover or co-sleeper?  While this remains to be seen, it's comforting to know that should she prefer her crib (especially in the first year when SIDS is a concern) her crib mattress is not compromised of a toxic elixir of chemicals. Thank you Naturalmat for truly caring about what's in your crib mattresses!

The Naturalmat Coco Mat is available for $399 at www.naturalmatusa.com. It now includes a waterproof mattress protector which is a $70 value.

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One of my readers will win a Naturalmat Top Mat, RV $135!

Ideal for Vacations and Weekends Away with Baby! The Naturalmat Top Mat is a lightweight machine washable quilted mattress that rolls up neatly into a drawstring bag for transport, making it ideal for travels with baby. Top Mat offers a comfortable natural fiber overlay to a crib mattress ensuring baby gets the best night’s sleep away from home. Top Mat is made by using deep tufted organic wool which is then covered with an unbleached cotton ticking, making it breathable and ideal for all climates. Size: 52” x 28” x 1”

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Theresa Anne said...

The cocomat natural mattress is amazing! I would love one :) Besides the mattress itself, I really like the organic waterproof mattress protector.

Heather62 said...

Would love to have a set of soft flannelette sheets. They sound wonderful.

aperry said...

I would like the organic wool quilt

Ledford Land said...

I'd love to try the Breathable Waterproof Mattress Protector.

cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

James Robert said...

I like their organic flannelette sheets also

barnold barnes said...

I like the organic cotton percale sheets.

Fawn said...

I am also interested in the Stroller Mat. I love all of their products.

Angie said...

I want all of them! But the top mat seems like it would be so helpful to have!

Cassandra Eastman said...

I'd also love the Organic Mattress Protector!

Rebecca Parsons said...

I would choose the Organic Mattress, seems like a very healthy way to go.

Amanda said...

I'd love the twin size latex mattress!

Beth R said...

I really like the Stroller Mat.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the Organic Wool Comforter! What a great company. -- Camille

Kimberly said...

I didn't know they made stroller mats too! I would buy it in a heartbeat it if I had the Bugaboo stroller it fit. Hopefully by my next baby they'll have one more universal. :)

Baby Does NYC said...

Great giveaway. Jak @ Baby Does NYC.