Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ceiling Lights to Dramatically Change your Interior Decor

Good lighting is a key element in any home and can create a specific atmosphere, open up a room and even enhance your mood. If you’re in the process of renovating your home or simply want to brighten up some dimly lit rooms then make sure to pay particular attention to those all-important ceiling lights.
Consider the atmosphere
Lighting can make or break a room and one of the first things to consider is the atmosphere you wish to create in the room you’re renovating. In a dining room for example, you might want to consider recessed lighting that can be dimmed to create a feeling of intimacy. A large living area might need something ornate such as a central chandelier or some recessed spotlights to illuminate dark corners. A room lighting plan complete with measurements should be your first task and this can then be shown to a lighting salesperson who can give advice on the right ceiling lights to achieve your desired effect.
The spotlight scenario
Recessed ceiling spotlights in bathrooms and kitchens are a good idea as they can shine directly at specific areas such as worktops or bathtubs. The bonus with spotlights is that they can easily be retro-fitted although particular care will be needed in areas with plumbing. Spotlights can be operated individually and combined with a central major light if additional illumination is needed. This type of lighting along with a few wall lights is also a good option for large hallways or rooms with elevated ceilings.
Be wary of harsh lighting
Strong lighting does have its good point but a major negative is that it can be overkill in an already bright room. You don’t want your interior to look like an illuminated showroom and this is where softer track lighting is useful. Remember to also consider bulbs and take a look at colored options that can be used to set a desired atmosphere. LED bulbs are another good option as these can be dimmed separately using a remote control rather than having to rewire your lighting switches.
Resale considerations
Remember that your home lighting can work for or against you when it comes to selling your home. The right lighting can actually add value to your home and buyers are known to look favorably on bright lighting. If you’re renovating in order to sell then don’t go over the top with an ornate designer lighting system that costs a fortune, you probably won’t make this money back. Keep it simple, basic and bright with recessed options and a central hanging light feature.
Implementing ceiling lighting throughout the home shouldn’t make too much of a large dent in your renovation budget. Get this aspect right and you can dramatically change the atmosphere and look of your interior and it can be a major positive selling point for buyers.


Julie Wood said...

I need to update my lighting in the kitchen because it is not bright enough. Good lighting is so important for making a home bright and cheerful!
I need Recessed ceiling spotlights in bathrooms and kitchens!

Shelly Peterson said...

I hate the lighting in my living room, it's horrible. I would love some type of ceiling lighting in there and not just lighting form a floor or table lamp.

Sherrie Cruson said...

Lighting really does make the room. I really need to update the lighting in each room of my home, especially in my bathrooms. Track lighting in my kitchen would be great!