Monday, January 20, 2014

Hard Candy Cases :: Mobile Phone & Device Cases {Giveaway - Ends 1/29 - US/CAN}

I received complimentary products for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

Hard Candy Cases is a manufacturer of mobile phone and device cases. Offering premium protection and stylish designs, they have many different designs to meet your needs.

With so many phone case options out there today, it was a bit of a relief to receive an email from Hard Candy Cases just days after Hubby and I both upgraded to the new iPhone 5c. After browsing their site, I knew these weren't cheapy cases and I wouldn't need to shop elsewhere for a good case.

 This is the ShockDrop Rugged Case that Hubby has been using for over a month so far. He was lucky that his last phone never broke, despite having dropped a dozen times. This time we didn't want to take any chances, especially when we won't be due for an upgrade for two years.

The ShockDrop Rugged Case is comprise of three pieces. The main silicon piece,  a polycarbonate frame with a attached screen protector, and a small polycarbonate piece to keep the case rigid around the camera lens. The main piece is made from shock absorbing silicon, which is even a thick 6mm at the corners for ultimate protection in case of a nice fall. It also features a semi-rigid (replaceable) screen protector which surprising doesn't hinder the touchscreens' sensitivity. There are tear proof flaps for several ports like the phone charger and sound switch on the side of the phone. The on/off and volume buttons are covered and molded into the case.

Now, this isn't the thinnest case out there, but if you need a heavy duty case for your phone, you shouldn't expect anything thin anyway. Real protection requires high quality materials and innovative features to get the job done. The unique texture of the case does make putting your phone in your pants pocket a bit more of an effort, but it's doable, and worth the added protection. The silicon is very soft and has great grip, but it does attract more dust than my Pop Case which is polycarbonate. However, it's a small inconvenience compared to the protection of this case.
The ShockDrop Rugged is truly a "rugged" option for anyone who is rough on their phones, whether that's related to their profession, clumsiness or even as a result of having young children. :) The ShockDrop Rugged Case for the iPhone 5c is available in two colors and retails for $39.95.

The Pop Case is what I chose for my lovely new blue iPhone 5c. I wanted the blue to show, so the Pop Case is just perfect! This case is made of two pieces that snap together around your phone in just a few seconds. It's a rigid case that's made of a polycarbonate shell with a fun bubble design on the back.
The Pop Case has a nice grip, and yet will still slide across a table if you'd like. It definitely does not have a slick, shiny finish though. I was worried that this texture might pick up grime easily, but after a month this case is still holding up very well and looks brand new even though I'm pretty hard on my cases.
The access to ports and buttons are really open on this case. I also love that the case's edge comes up above the screen of my phone to offer a good amount of protection when I place my phone upside down on any surface. I'm happy to report that it slides in and out of my back pocket very easily when I need quick access to it. I typically don't keep my phone there, but the option is nice.

I LOVE my new Pop Case. It's everything I want in a phone case - it's functional, fun, and protects my phone. It's slim design and soft, smooth texture will please anyone! The Pop Case for the iPhone 5c is available in five colors and retails for $29.95. 

Next time you need a new mobile phone or device case, be sure to check out Hard Candy Cases or their other site for Gumdrop Cases.

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pmj said...

I like the shockdrop rugged case.

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I like the Neon Bubble Case - Green

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...maybe the "ShockDrop Rugged" one. Thanks.

Amanda said...

I like the Drop Tech Case for the Galaxy S4

Jean Brinkley said...

I like the Drop Tech Designer case for ipad mini in purple/pink.

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I like the bubble sleeve cases but if I an I will let my mom pick one for her iPhone since I don't have a device that fits any of these cases,

Christina Chin said...

I always need a strong case, because I'm constantly dropping my phone.