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Brittanie's Thyme :: Certified Organic Skincare & Sinus Relief Pillow {Review & Giveaway - Ends 3/21 - US/CAN}

If you're anything like me then you scrutinize every ingredient in every product you ever buy. Sure, I buy some things with so-so ingredients, but I will no longer compromise on my skincare. I finally found a completely organic skincare line I love from a lovely company called Brittanie's Thyme. You don't have to settle for less than USDA Certified Organic! It is possible to find!

Brittanie's Thyme is a women-owned, USDA certified organic company based in Cedar Springs, MI. They use no fillers, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes and only small batches are made of each product to ensure freshness. If that doesn't sound great enough, you'll be thrilled to know that these products are all made in the USA. 
I opted for the Mindful Beauty Normal Skin Care System to review, although you can purchase each product individually or as complete systems geared towards skin that is dry, sensitive, young, or mature. The Mindful Beauty Normal Skin Care System includes the following five products which I'd like to briefly describe:
Organic Citrus Facial Cleanser - This cleanser features witch hazel, grapefruit and rosemary to cleanse, and jojoba oil for a little moisture. There are no soap ingredients which would account for the lack of lathering, but it's actually quite refreshing to not have to use soap on my face which can strip it's natural oils. Instead, the qualities of each included ingredient create a gel consistency that gently, but effectively cleanse without drying. The scent is light citrus that leans towards a lemon aroma. Definitely loving this cleanser and the easy to use pump.

Organic Balancing Facial Toner - I haven't used a toner in years...we're talking maybe 10 years or so! I had such ill effects from using a toner back then, but I'm now positive that was a combination of using a horribly toxic toner and also from have teenage skin. I'm so glad I gave it a chance because my skin loves it! This toner has a rosey peppermint scent, doesn't irritate any of my broken skin, and doesn't overly dry you out before applying the moisturizer. It simply balances your skin's PH, improves tone, and further reveals healthy skin. Together with the cleanser, my large pores have diminished incredibly well, something that I'm so thrilled about!

Organic Everyday Moisturizer - This light moisturizer feels refreshing and cool on the skin once applied. It's almost slightly sticky on my fingers before full application, but dries quickly and completely without any greasy residue or sticky evidence. I can say this is a great moisturizer choice before applying makeup too. The natural antioxidants, Vitamin E, beta carotene and omegas offer up a wonderful way to restore a healthy balance and glow to your skin. It's my new favorite moisturizer in a convenient pump.

Organic Restorative Facial Serum - This serum is loaded with antioxidants, omegas, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E, essential amino acids, proteins and carotene for intense cell revitalization, protection, and overall skin rejuvenation. Best applied in the evening before bed, I found this to be really nourishing to my skin. Although it absorbs well, it does leave a shiny glow (thus the night time recommendation) which visibly shows it's protective barrier on your skin.

Organic Almond Oatmeal Facial Scrub - With just oats and almonds, this simple scrub is a super natural way to renew and smooth dry, rough skin. I'll admit, I was a bit bummed that the Facial Cleanser had no rough exfoliating beads or anything, but through reviewing these products I've figured out that my skin doesn't want that every single day anyway! Instead, this scrub is the perfect option to use once or twice a week and still get the benefits of exfoliation. It's gentle of course, but great for all skin types. The 4 ounce tub is a dry mixture that you put in your hand with a little water and then apply.

I tend to have combination skin that is not as sensitive as it was just a couple years ago, but I will still have hormonal small breakouts and weird combo skin on occasion. I almost opted for the Facial Freedom line which is best for young adults, teenagers and men, but I'm really glad I went for the Mindful Beauty Normal Skin Care System. It seems to be exactly what my skin needs at this very point in time. I was under the impression that as I get older I'd have to succumb to things like larger pores, deepening fine lines etc, but I was so wrong! My skin hasn't looked this great in years and I'm so impressed with the results. My face is pretty clear, pores are smaller, and a few bothersome wrinkles are less visible. It's amazing how gentle yet powerfully effective nature can be if we just use it properly! Brittanie's Thyme skin care products are also gluten-free, which is of course very important to me. Since I don't ingest gluten, why should I put it on my skin? Of course I shouldn't! I also love that at least some of these products are in glass, and that the pumps on the cleanser and moisturizer are different so I don't mix them up! The labels and liquids look similar when they come out so it would be easy to do so.

Brittanie's Thyme also offers a few organic products for cold and sinus relief too. I get horrendous allergy symptoms every year on what always feels like the same day.....April 1st. This year it seems to have hit earlier since we've had less rain lately in California and trees are already in full bloom! I do get very mild allergy symptoms throughout the year, but the spring is absolutely miserable for me. My eyes are itchy and runny, my sinuses are clogged, my face is swollen, I can't focus or concentrate and I'm plagued with constant headaches. Oh joy!  

This year I hope to naturally ease my symptoms and start off each morning not feeling so lousy. One natural remedy I'm trying is the Organic Sinus Relief Pillow that features the lovely aromas of Basil, Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. It works by aiding in the relief of sinus congestion and by promoting clearer breathing while you sleep. This means it's great for colds, sinusitis, allergies, and sinus headaches. Simply place the little pillow inside your pillowcase at night! I see this little pillow as not only a way to ease and clear my allergy congested sinuses, but also as a calming, sleep-inducing little gem. For me this pillow is one part sinus congestion relief, one part aromatherapy-induced restfulness that is great for helping me fall asleep faster! I can literally rest easier while knowing I'm using a completely natural product that consists of only organic herbs, essential oils, and buckwheat, all in this cute little blue pillow with the added bonus of alleviating some of my allergy symptoms! So far my allergies are managing well (although early in the season), probably at least in part due to this Organic Sinus Relief Pillow.

I'm so thrilled to have found Brittanie's Thyme. Considering the amazing organic ingredients, product formulas, and the fabulous results I have personally experienced, I can whole-heartedly recommend Brittanie's Thyme to everyone.

Price: Mindful Beauty Normal Skin Care System - $67, Organic Sinus Relief Pillow - $9

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