Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BalanceBikeTrainer.com: Kinderbike Laufrad Review

There comes a time for every child to learn how to ride a bike. There was a part of me that used to dread this eventual rite of passage for my son. I thought of it as a grueling process that would involve fall after fall, with a bloody lip and a few scuffed knees. But, I've been proven wrong! Learning to ride a bike no longer has to be scary for kids and parents. And remember, Buddy is only 2 1/2!

I have the extreme pleasure of sharing with you BalanceBikeTrainer.com, where you'll find a large array of balance bike brands in various styles, colors, and sizes for every child. Keep reading to find out more about our adventure with a balance bike from Balance Bike Trainer.
BalanceBikeTrainer.com sent me the Kinderbike Laufrad balance bike in Red for this review. 

The Kinderbike Laufrad is a very effective way to teach youngsters ages 1-5 to ride a bike. Balance bikes ride and glide along just like a normal bike, but without pedals. Learning to steer, pedal, and balance at the same time is not an easy task. By taking out the pedaling and allowing the rider to use their feet to move the bike, young children have total control the first time they ride. They learn the "balance-first" method and will never require training wheels in the future. I'm totally sold on the concept! 

Here is the list of fabulous features for this bike (taken directly from BalanceBikeTrainer.com. I couldn't have said all this any better!):
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - The best warranty in the industry!
  • Extremely lightweight and sturdy, 6061 Aluminum alloy frame (roughly 9lb)
  • Dual-plane (up-down/foward-back) adjustable handlebar on twin bearings for smooth pivot
  • Linear-pull, rear V-brake! The best braking system for young riders.
  • Aluminum rims, supported by 16 radially spaced spokes
  • Ball bearing 12" wheels with grip-tread, tube replaceable tires
  • Sleek, angle (tilt) and height adjustable saddle with four point support; approximate seat range of 12"-16"
  • Quick-adjust Allen collar, for easy adjustment of the saddle
  • Three color choices: blue, red, green
  • 95% assembled! Simply insert the handlebars and tighten.
  • Low center of gravity for optimal control and maneuverability
  • Certified compliant - ASTM F963, HR4040, Prop 65, CPSIA
  • European styled, deep step through design for small riders
  • Full range of motion steering, essential for your child’s transition to standard bicycles
  • Easy and quick assembly; all necessary tools included

Easy Assembly? Yes please! The bike arrived in a sturdy box and appropriate packaging to protect it. You know those late nights you've spent assembly the hottest toy for your child before their birthday or Christmas? You'll be in bed before you know it with the Kinderbike Laufrad!

I was so happy to see that this wouldn't take me an hour to put together. In fact, Buddy was checking out his new bike in just a few minutes! Watch this short clip about how easy this bike is to assemble.

The Kinderbike Laufrad balance bike is beautifully sleek, and offers so many desirable features in a bike. It's very well made, and high quality materials were clearly used. The handlebar and seat are fully adjustable, making it easy to comfortably fit any small rider. It has a classic handle brake that is perfect for small hands, and even has a little bell that Buddy loves to ring! It's also very lightweight, and Buddy can easy pick it up off the ground if needed. This bike's size is designed for small kiddos but fully functions like a standard bike. Without the pedals of course. As Buddy gets taller, he'll be able to transition to a standard bike without using training wheels since he's mastering the balancing aspect right now. 
 I seem to remember a bloody lip or two when I was learning to ride a bike. I was probably 5 or 6 years old? I remember having my feet on the ground a lot, and I was always scraping up the back of my ankles on the pedals. Balancing is probably one of the hardest parts to learn. With a balance bike, the pedals aren't in the way and the rider can glide (or run like Buddy!!) with their feet, and lift them as they wish to practice balancing. Because the rider has more control of a balance bike, they are safer, and easier to learn on. I think the proof is also in the fact that balance bikes can used for very young children, like Buddy.

Buddy is only 2 1/2, and he started picking up his feet while riding down a small incline during his first ride on his new balance bike. He LOVES his new bike, and is so eager to get out and ride every single day. Actually, make that multiple times a day! After a few weeks of riding (with his helmet and all his gear of course!), he's doing amazingly well. He speeds down the sidewalk without hesitation and enjoys every second of it! I haven't had to push him on his bike to get him going AT ALL. He rides all by himself, without any help. He has so much control by having his feet touch the ground, and has avoided any big crashes or falls. Every time we take him out, someone asks about his bike and are so impressed at how well he does for being so young. I'm very impressed too! The Kinderbike Laufrad is amazing, and will put your youngster on the fast track to learning to ride a bike.

So, what do you get from a bike with all these features?

A super confident 2 1/2 year old that is completely in control and loves his new bike. He has all the older neighborhood kids asking where his training wheels are! Check out my little rider in action!

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Price: $119, but get it today on sale for only $99!! PLUS, get FREE shipping within the Continental US!
The Verdict:
I am SO excited about the Kinderbike Laufrad from Balance Bike Trainer! It's the BEST investment I think any parent could make. Forget the tricycle, the bike with training wheels, and all the ride-on toys for your kids because you think they're too young for a real bike. A balance bike will easily prepare your child for a standard bike-riding success at a very young age. I would also like say that the owner, Kenneth, has superior customer service and communication. I believe that is just as important as the products you are selling. You will receive nothing but absolute professionalism and care when you make a purchase at Balance Bike Trainer.

Buy It: Buy the Kinderbike Laufrad Red today from BalanceBikeTrainer.com!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product(s) to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


17sirens said...

After much anticipation, it's finally here!! :D

What a great review! I had a lot of fun reading and watching Buddy's experience with the Balance Bike.

And what a great idea for a product, too! I'm absolutely sold! I'm going to totally look into getting one for Squishy when he gets older. I'm even going to show this to my older sister to get for her 2 year old kids, too.


mhoward said...

wow! a far cry from the twirly plastic wheels on my bike 32 years ago! very nice!

Jessie @ MomVantage said...

That looks like fun! I may have to get one of these for my son - I think he would love it! Cute videos :)

Wendy said...

I think this would be great for my 7yo who has balance/coordination issues and can't ride a bike really well! Wonder if they make them big enough for older kids?

celebrie2 said...

Wish You had written this 2months ago :) We just went through 2months of traing my now 5 yr old g-daughter how to ride a bike! She got bike/training wheels last year, so we figured it was time- alot of crying, etc.. but she finally did it! This looks like a so much better experience; he's enjoying himself, loves his bike and getting that balance thing down at 21/2 is awesome! Definitely looking into this for my 3 yr old granddaughter! Thanks for this review and introducing us to this new, and much improved, biking experience!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Shairbearg said...

We have a different brand of this type of bike for our 3 yr old, and a traditional bike with training wheels for our older one. Our 3yr old is getting really good on his trainer style bike. He is learning balance, when it starts to wobble, he puts his foot down and catches himself. He is picking up speed too! I wish we had done this with the older one too.

latanya said...

My son has a similar bike by a different brand and people always ask how do you use. The video was helpful. Thanks.

Amanda said...

I am going to have to look into these for dd. She has been asking for a bike but still doesn't know how to pedal, let alone balance on one without training wheels!
tvpg at aol dot com

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

I love that your kiddo has all the needed gear on! Way to go, mom! And that really looks like a cool bike. Hated training wheels myself as a kid and thought they might have made it more difficult. Thinking this would make a great summer present for my son(who will be 2 1/2 next summer). Thanks for the review!!

Mrs.Smitty said...

My daughter has another brand balance bike and LOVES it! However, the handlebars and seat don't stay in position very well (the fastener isn't tight enough for a busy toddler) and I'd like to find a balance bike that doesn't have that problem.. might this be the one?

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea. I had no idea how to teach my kids how to ride a bike when they were young. I wish I this was around then, I would have invested in buying it. The video to help put it together is great too. This will make training so much easier for parents and kids. Thanks.

twinkle at optonline dot net

frugalmommieof2 said...

This is a neat idea. My 4 year old could use something like this.

frugalmommieof2 at gmail.com

aibrougher said...

This is awesome! My daughter is 3 and tried to ride her bicycle but it is still a little too big. Might have to go try one of these!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit....it's a pretty awesome bike!! Wish I was learning how to ride! ( :


astroqueen67 said...

What a cool bike! If I was a kid I would LOVE one of these! Holly Hennessy Swint astroqueen67@hotmail.com

ticklemetiffyyyy said...

I love that it looks like a regular bike so that when theyre learning they dont feel like "babies" on baby bikes.

Brittney said...

This little bike is so cute! I can't wait for my son to big enough to ride a real bike!
babybensmama at yahoo dot com

kmogilevski said...

Looks like it's pretty easy to put together yourself. I love the red color!

Penny W said...

This is so neat! I really need one of these for my 4 year old son! I'm going to look into them! Thanks for the review!

Amanda said...

These look so cool! I bet dd would love one! She has been asking for a bike!
tvpg at aol dot com

Donna said...

It looks perfect for my nephew. He would love it.

lewalk said...

Thank you for the great review. I understand these bikes better now. I don't guess I've ever seen a video and I didn't fully understand the concept of them. He looked like he was having a blast. Lol.


Meg said...

I love this! We are a one-car family, so we try to walk and bike wherever we can. Because of that, it's important that our kiddo becomes a competent cyclist when he's pretty young. This is such a great way to get him practicing early!